Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome Home

A year far away from family, friends, and school community, and everything you loved. I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America. There is no one I knew except myself, there is nothing I can do except try it and do it. If you know a lyric from Coldplay, probably yo have spirit never dies. 

"If you never try, you will never know." -Fix You

Those sentences, created a bravery to try and don't afraid make a mistakes. You know how my English skill before I came to USA? The power of poor to poor. Oh gosh. If a remember those days, when I can not spoke English frequently, when I confused what my host family and teacher said, when there is misunderstood between each other. Now, I laugh and happy remember all those memory. Created a sweet better sweet memory. 

Now, I came back to my hometown after long way run, five times change airplanes, more than thirty hours sit down, talk, sleep, watch movie, play games, or even taking some pictures. The truth is I am change, and also my community change. We are both change in different place, growth not just physically, and also mentally. The challenge now different, I need to re-adapt what I used to. Can you imagine I feel Jet-lag almost a week in my host country? Oh man, that is ridiculous.

I cant express my feel with this article, if I am want to talk, probably I need a thousand papers. I feel happy seeing my family, friends, and people I loved. Thanks to people in USA make my experiences awesome. Hope we can see again. I had problem download the pictures I took it. Maybe next time, I will attach them. Enjoy it.

-A note at night full of star, shining my soul

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break

Spring break one of unforgettable moment I ever had. We went to San Diego, California for a week. It really fun and joyful. I can't express my feel with a word, I wish this pictures can tell you how amazing  this journey. 

The break start March 9 - March 16 2013, We flew from Albuquerque International Sunport to San Diego, CA. I really excited to see the beach, I have not seen them around eight months. We leaving around 08:00 A.M and arrived in California in the noon. Heading to Enterprise to rent a car, bought groceries, and went to condominium. We stay just a hundred yard from the ocean, it is really grateful to got this awesome break.

List things to do just fun, no rule to pursue your happiness. In the afternoon, we saw Kansas University play basketball, walk, hang around in the peer, and get great salads dinner. Next day, I played volleyball and read good book. Really fun to joy real life's. I'd visited USS Midway Museum, places where carrier ship close to Seaport.

March always be great months because it is time to created new passion. We also celebrated Kaycie's birthday in March twelve, and Hannah's birthday in the next day. We went to Sevilla's Restaurant and saw band from Spain. I'd also learn skateboard's in here, my sister, Kaycie,  teach me how ride it. First time when I try, it is really hard because how to manage the balance on the board. I really enjoy it although need to fall down. The thankful for this trip is went to Bali Thai Restaurant, I had chance ate Rendang, one of  my favorite food.

Let's see what kind activity I already done and created great memory. Check it out.

Adventure begin 
Welcome to San Diego, California
Shuttle bus to Enterprise

I'd really miss the awesome beach
Broadwalk Bar, places where Jayhawk fans gather.  Anyway, Jayhawk is basketball team from Kansas University
I am Crimson and blue
#Peer Sunset and fishing
#Peer  Sunset and fishing
#Peer Sunset
Gaslamp Quarter, historic heart of San Diego
Sevilla Restaurant
Sevilla band performances
In front of USS Midway Museum
In front of USS Midway Museum 
USS Midway Museum 
Exploring inside the deck
Happy Birthday Kaycie
San Diego Seaport

Hell yeah. I ate delicious Indonesia Food, Rendang
Feel like home
Bali Thai Restaurant, I'd also hold Media Indonesia Newspaper
Find out new passion, I'm skater. Less sleep, more skates. 
Botanical Garden, Balboa Park 
Balboa Park, last place we visited before take off.
Spring break is over, time go home, transfer at Phoenix to Albuquerque


Christmas is one the outstanding celebration in United States, I'd also deliver my friends opinion about christmas. Lets check it out to find American thought.  I collected the data from my computer drafting class. 
  • Isaac Perea said, "I enjoy waking up really early to open presents. I also really enjoy going to my grandparents houses to eat our traditional Christmas breakfast."
  • Andrew Savedra said, "I like the food a lot. Turkey with ham and bread and chili and soup and cookies and milk and pasta and chinese food and any type of food. Yes. The food is the best. and presents too!
  • Jackson Fraulkner said, "Seeing all my family in Oklahoma and lounging around my grandparents house, all the ice cream that can eat."
  • Ricky Morrales said, " I think Cristmas is a wonderful holiday beacuse thats when the whole family comes together and I get to see all my cousins, aunts, uncles etc."
Christmas left story behind great memory, blessing, and wonderful experiences. As a moeslem, I'd celebrate it to find out what's going on, explore the culture itself teached myself  to be open-minded about the differences. It's absolutely positive, every single society had their culture and tradition. I feel it is important try something cool never done before, like Christmas. I really enjoy the spirit of togetherness  during Christmas.

Let's talk about the great activity I done during Christmas, get tamale dinner which is New Mexican foods, turn on the luminarias that is  put the candle in the sack bag and stay all night Christmas eve, walk around in the Old town, opened present int next morning, had delicious Jesus cake, and ready  to visited my host families relative's in Topeka, Kansas.

Most valuable experiences is travel to Kansas in Christmas noon, we are drove from Albuquerque, New Mexico pass through Texas, Oklahoma, and stay in lodge in west part Kansas. Adventure just begun, ttime to adventure to catch up journet to Topeka. In the next morning, we are continued and get break in small coffe shop in west part of Kansas.We hang around and I order hot chocolate to drink.

Finally, we are arrived in Topeka close to the dark. First, we are visited grandfathers's and grandmother's house. I also knew the close name to grandfather and grandmather, Papa and Roro. Well, this great moment I ever had done before, Papa told me his experiences in World War II and showing medals from the Army. After all, we head to Chris's house, one of my host Mom sister. We get some drink and talk around, the best way to spend in holiday. The journey nearly amazing when we went to Janine's house, a coll ranch house in county line close to Topeka. We also stay in this house and having great Christmas meal.

We ate Russian foods, I already forget about what it is called. I am totally agree, the food amazingly delicious, mushrooms, rice, and another material on it commbined great tasted in my tongue. I'd also share present after the dinner, what a day be able celebrates two times Christmas. I just had great day, time to bed now after all amazing things I ever had.

Let's move on to the next day,  list things to do just fun. We are jump in hot tub, walk around, went to frozen pond, and watched movie. Oh man, we are close to the end of this report. I think it is queit all of my activity in Christmas break, I'd also attach the picture in the last part of this report. See you in another great moment and have wonderful week.


We bought Christmas tree and try to select and figured out what the size. 
Already decorated the tree.
Luminaria, we put candle inside sack bag. 
Christmas evening dinnner
Hangout int Old Town, Albuquerque
Sock under the chimney, Santa came last night. 
Inside the Sock
Christmas Morning
Flynn Stone Pocket
I'd gave present to host Dad, Head ban to bike ride. 
I got Albuquerque Journal from my sister, Hannah. 

Excited opened the present. 

Jesus's Cake

I got Broncos jersey, favorite football player, Peyton Manning
Head to Topeka, Kansas
Scene of view
Break in east part New Mexico

Arrived in west of Kansas, spend the night in Moon Fist and get ready for tomorrow. 
Scene of view
Scene of viev
Scene of view
Arrived in Papa's and Roro's house
Caleb gave massage to Papa
Our best chef, David
Share present
Hot Tub
Challenge to lay down in snow or ten second.  
Walk around
Frozen pond
Great picture

I love you Otis
Bye Kansas, hope I can visiting again.