Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome Home

A year far away from family, friends, and school community, and everything you loved. I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America. There is no one I knew except myself, there is nothing I can do except try it and do it. If you know a lyric from Coldplay, probably yo have spirit never dies. 

"If you never try, you will never know." -Fix You

Those sentences, created a bravery to try and don't afraid make a mistakes. You know how my English skill before I came to USA? The power of poor to poor. Oh gosh. If a remember those days, when I can not spoke English frequently, when I confused what my host family and teacher said, when there is misunderstood between each other. Now, I laugh and happy remember all those memory. Created a sweet better sweet memory. 

Now, I came back to my hometown after long way run, five times change airplanes, more than thirty hours sit down, talk, sleep, watch movie, play games, or even taking some pictures. The truth is I am change, and also my community change. We are both change in different place, growth not just physically, and also mentally. The challenge now different, I need to re-adapt what I used to. Can you imagine I feel Jet-lag almost a week in my host country? Oh man, that is ridiculous.

I cant express my feel with this article, if I am want to talk, probably I need a thousand papers. I feel happy seeing my family, friends, and people I loved. Thanks to people in USA make my experiences awesome. Hope we can see again. I had problem download the pictures I took it. Maybe next time, I will attach them. Enjoy it.

-A note at night full of star, shining my soul

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