Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Newsletter - Series I

Hello everyone !

How are you ?  Fine.
Como estas ? Muy bien.
Apa kabar anda ? Sehat.

Now, almost three monhts in U.S.A. All of new activity and culture alreday have done. This newsletter give such information about all of my activity in new place. My perpectivism change to good way. Thinking as Indonesian and thinking American. It's beatiful from this program. Are you ready for read this section ? So much fun. Here we go.

1) Before we go to U.S.A, all of YES student from Indonesia attend dinner in U.S.A Embassy at Jakarta.

YES Student from Indonesia.

2) The real adventure come to my life. This picture when my Mom took me to Soekarno Hatta International Airport.


3) All of my friend from Medan. Wee have different country and depart schedule.Erysa Maharamis Poetry (Germany), Mahmuddin (NM,U.S.A), and Indah Utami Abudiman (WI U.S.A) and Melania Shinta (France) but not included in picture.

Another exchange student.

4) We are in Kuala Lumpur. It here so much funny story happen.

Transit at Kuala Lumpur.

 5) After 13 hour in Malaysia Airlines, finally we arrived at Heathrow Airport in London.

Heathrow Airport.

 6) Dream become true. Now, we are arrive in International Dulles Airport.


7) In Washington D.C all of YES student from arround the world gather in Hilton Hotel to attend orientation international. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Kenya, South of Africa, and Philipines become the first arrival in D.C.

Grup Leader explain about culture in U.S.A.

When me (Indonesia) and Mert (Turkey) presentation about  group project.

Met another friend from Kenya.

8) In D.C, we have so much fun because we visited Lincoln Memorial, Monument Washington, and Indonesia Embassy.

First time to get in Lincoln memorial. The Background is amazing. Experience is teach you more than school.

Me with Indonesia Chevron, Haryanto Harahap.

Now, my dream higher than Monument Washington.

As a young people, we should be a profesioanal because  represent our country.

Wah.. It's great. When me with Indonesia Ambassador, Mr. Dino Patti Djjalal.

Washington City with my friend, Catherine Nur Komara.
9) After 3 day in Washington D.C, now we must gone to host city. I'm very lucky because i'm hosted in Albuquerque, NM. Why is lucky ? Because i get oppurtunity learn two culture that is American and Spanish.

Transit in Chicago, Illinois. It's my friend Chintan Mehta from India.

10) My loved crashed in chemistry.
Machine in Nuclear Science and Atomic History. Nem Mexico become place to made "Little Bomb" that is bomb use in World War II. Los Alamos became secret place.

Another Machine.

11) Hehe. Eid Mubarak in U.S.A very special because is teach me to be more independent. My family took me to Islamic Center in Albuquerque. After finish take prayer, i'm eat so much donnut. And then, perpectivism about Moeslem change.

Daddy  : Moeslem not terorism, but they like Donnut.
Me       : Hahahahahaha
After this, i meet Dhanizar Zefananda (Exchange Student  from Indonesia). Guess what will happen ? We meet another people come from Indonesia. It's crazy. World to small for life. Hehe. We made appoitment to Independence Day Indonesia party.
Eid Mubarak. Respectful each other. Differencess is not reason to hated.

Independence Day with Dhanizar and Friend.

My family try Indonesia Traditional food such Opor Chicken, Lontong, etc.
12)All of my activity already done.

Homecoming Dance.


New Mexico state Fair.

My school match Football Game.
Adventure in Pechos National Forest.

Camping at Pechos.
Downhill. It's so much fun.

New Mexico have a lot Spanish culture. This picture explain when me with my sister Salsa Dance. I have bad move in Salasa dance because it's fast moved.

It's Chaco Canyon. We are visited old town native American that is Pueblo Bonito. Learn more about activity native such made pot an another activity.

Old Building.
People around the worl come to Albuquerque to attend Ballon Fiesta. It's wonderfull sky when five hundred baloon decorated with different type. This picture tell us about how to made ballon glow.

I took the picture with my brither in Ballon Constitution. This ballon have preambule constitution of U.S.A.

Me and Mom :)

Waaw.. Fabuloso.. Amazing.... Luarbiasa...

YOHO.... It's mean Year Only Happen Once...I always keep tring new activity in here. Now, i'm join in Model United Nation and MESA (Math, Engineer, Science, and Academic). Oh yaa, thank you a lot from YES Scholashipby United State Department. Now,  we are be able getting know more about U.S..

Now, i hope win contest Civic Education and International Education Week. Like my friend said, "GO ! FIGHT ! WIN !." 

I'm apologize if some word have wrong grammar or spell because i'm in process how to learn. Hehe. :)

Albuquerque, Oct 18, 2012

With Love


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