Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rigth or Wrong ?

#Civic Education Essay. 
 Hopefully, this essay be able win this contest. Civic Education Workshop will be held at Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. 
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Right or Wrong ?
Looking at something that is not in accordance with the customs and norms of a place of origin, makes us denounce it as right or wrong. Sometimes, we can’t control the emotions and too quickly judge novelties that are considered the norm. It is a nature that cannot be denied. The problem is we are not able to respond to new things with open-minded respect for differences. Mahatma Gandhi said "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."  We want the world to be blind because of a misunderstanding that leads to fighting each other?  No, we have to change now, because we are young people who want peace.
Many cases can be used as an example of the misunderstanding, such as the abuse of the Prophet Muhammad that was depicted in the recent movie. Libyan Muslims accuse the U.S.A of making movies of harassment. All Americans should not be accused of making the movie. In fact, only one or a few people made the film. I’m sure, most people do not agree with the controversial film, including many American citizens. Do not be too quick to convict a new thing that we think is wrong without knowing the truth.
To achieve real peace, we must defeat challenges and problems encountered. The challenges are "differences" which are present in all fields such as culture, race, and religion. To become united we must change our thinking and appreciate each other’s uniqueness. The problem is the lack of awareness for peace among differences.  Raising awareness through cultural exchange programs we are able to be a solution to the problem. I believe this will be one of the best ways to create peace for trying to get to know each other by differences owned. If we recognize and know all the differences, we will respect and appreciate each other. Automatically, peace and prosperity will be realized in life.
Cultural exchange experiences by YES and Workshop CEW support improved understanding between each other in all fields. This allows us to view the world from each other’s perspective which promotes mutual understanding.  Here are some moral values we can gain from this cultural exchange activity.
1). Open-mindedness.
2). Do not denounce something we think is wrong without having all the information.
3)  Free exchange of  ideas.
4). Be respectful all kinds of differences and cultural character.
5). Knowing more about world governments.
The conclusion is not about right or wrong but about an appreciation for differences and uniqueness that allows us to come together.  "It's not true or false, just different" and "You will gain respect through showing respect."  Hopefully this can be a lesson that can be expected to change the perspective of the differences we have. Achievement of peace and prosperity can make war and hostility not happen again.

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