Thursday, November 1, 2012

MESA (Math, Engineer, Science, and Academic)

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I want sharing about extra activity at school. Active and passion became moral value to leads our success. What you will gain if just sit around the backyard? Nothing, i think it's the good answer. Being participate in all of activity make us can improve society relationship. Created more friendship around the world became some purpose join this program. Automatically, mutual understanding be real in reality.

By the way, back to topic. Some of you may be still confuse about MESA program. What it's?  Who will join this activity? Where the meeting be held? How it's make progress in our capability? Yeah. So many question we have. As participant, it can help us knowing more about science. Here we go baby. Still in the right turn.

MESA it's an program to bringing teens together to explore, discuss, and debate the latest ideas in science and technology. So, we are be able share an idea and discuss in science. We can also learn another study, like technology because they are related. Sometimes we can debate about latest issue. It can helps us, to solved the problem and make change to create better world.  It's clearly enough? Hopefully, this explanation can give main idea about it.

Who can join this program? All of student around Albuquerque city can apply because it's non-profit organization. Usually, we are have meeting every months and discuss the latest issue about science. I'm already attend two meeting that is in October and the new one in November. It's so much fun. I guaranty you dude. 

 New Mexico University became place for the meeting. But, not always some place. We are be able move from one place to another place. An example, the first met be held in Geography Lab because we learn about earthquake. Second one is learn how to hack cyber security system, in this lecture met at Computer Lab (I will explain more).

In my opinion, it increased our capability in knowledge especially science. Why? The answer is because we learn more and more. Just it. Learn and thinking. Hehe. I'm not smart enough, but hardworking make stronger.

So far, i already attended two meeting in this activity. First one about earthquake and second one about cyber security.

Ok buddy. It's my story. Check it out!

This first met we have. This picture took in Geography Lab  Universty New Mexico. The meeting teach us how process earthquake and tsunami. I had chance to share my experience about earthquake and tsunami in Nanggroe Aceh Darusslam.

All of student around Albuquerque join this extra activity.  Student came Albuquerque High School, El Dorado, and Albuquerqur Academy included in this picture. The situation explain how excited we are to follow the lecture.

When i got the second met,  had fast because tomorrow is Eid Ul Adha. So much fun. I got four slice cheese pizza. Hahaha.

Student looked excited to know more about science. In this met, we are learn about cyber security. Try to related science an technology. 

This unique picture. All of this guy is have hair style about state flag New Mexico.They use this style because join in Albuquerque High School Band. Gus Peddrotty so excited (First person from left)

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