Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hello Guys.
How are doing?
I hope it's always great.

Halloween already done. New experience always part of my story in here. In this time, I will share another part of my exchange year. Incredible and interesting is some word can explain more about rest of life in here.

Halloween is one of celebration day in U.S.A and  always celebrated at Oct 31. I don't very sure what's history about this day. This some picture I took when celebrated Halloween.

A. AFS Halloween Party

Me as Flinstone character and Yuho Kadono (Exchange Student from Japan).

Dressed up and took picture with scary stuff.

Curved Pumpkin.

Here we go dude. It's my pumpkin.

We are artistic. This picture when we are gather with our pumpkin. Me, Yuho and Chintan looked crazy at this point.

I get you buddy.

 Just took picture with Woman Police character.
2)  Home Decoration

It's decoration in front of my house. My brother and daddy decoration this stuff.

Just a few stuff support for Halloween decoration.

C. Trick or Treat?

Kids dressed up as Ninja


Smile little girls

Give me candy please. I'm Superman. Haha. The baby looked nice.

When me gave candy to the kids came to my home. Haha. So much fun and good moment.
My mom gave candy to all of teenagers came to our house

All of candy in the bucket.

Decoration in bucket

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