Tuesday, November 13, 2012

International Education Week (11/09/12 - 11/16/12)

A. What it's International Education Week?

International Education Week is an event celebrated to remind us how important education for our life. This event celebrated from Nov 9th until Nov 16th , 2012. What’s related this event to exchange student? We are be able to give a presentation to community based on what country you from. I think this program can created better understanding. 

During this time, I already give some presentation in my community and school. New experience to speak up in the public kind unforgettable memories. Why? It's first time for me to give speech in English. Nervous and excited come in same time. It's crazy. I'm make it. Now, I know means quote from Nike brand, "Just do it." 

This posting tell us something about what going on this period. Are you ready lets the dogs out? Haha. Here we go dude.

You can also visited this website to see material what I presented during International Education Week: http://prezi.com/kdekmxndk05m/presentation-indonesia/
This link will direct you to my what I'm talking about in presentation. Don't miss it, you'll get closer about Indonesia.

B. Highlight IEW

President Rotary Club as a volunteer to use Batak traditional clothes. Ryan looked be excited and little bit confuse about this clothes. Hehe.

When me gave lecture about Batak traditional dance that is Tor-tor. T

Me and Nadine. She is one of volunteer in AFS and also my supervisor to this presentation.

Me and Debbie Hammack. She is my cluster coordinator and one of volunteer in YES program.

My Friend Trying Traditional Clothes.

Situation at Spanish Class. Kids looked excited.

My friend fro,m Nem Mexico Class used taditional clothes again. Why every session I'm tryed to explain about this one? As we know, clothes is part of our culture.
Good condition. Kids looked fun.
Audience come from all of grade.
My brother, Caleb Robinson, became my model at lecture hall AHS when my presentation about Batak Culture. We are be able created mutual Understanding. 
When all of kids pay attention during the presentation.

C. Essay International Education Week

Purpose of Education

Education is the most important thing in life as a means of self-awareness.  Intelligence and character are formed through the  process of the best quality education. Sometimes, we always underestimate the subjects that are included in education such as teacher, student, and government. This is something we have to change for the better life.  We must created education with our effort to achieve  prosperity so we can reach their dreams. Malcolm X said, "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." Thus the work we do today is for tomorrow. Who should be working hard? The answer is student, teacher, and government.

In the modern era, we get all education in our schools because we have teachers and books. Are there other places we can get an education?  I think this is good question. We are able to obtain an education anywhere at anytime we want, because education is like oxygen in the air. An example, you can learn outside the school like going to the  public library. Another thing we should have in education is the desire to learn that never dies. This will help us to achieve our dreams.

In reality, we still have problems and challenges that must be solved. Lack of will and support by the government can be the biggest problem. Sometimes, a government does not give full supports for efforts. One creative idea is  to provide more scholarships and make workshops for skills. Creative ideas and best efforts are required to overcome obstacles. Initiative for learning and good relationships between the student, teacher, and government are paramount to success.

Education has many purposes, such as getting a better job or just gaining knowledge for personal reasons. Education has more purpose than we know; it helps us create a better world. So, we do need to be innovative thinkers who want to improve the world.  The real thinker creates with the skills they learn. So, we must get to work for what we stand for. The last great idea is education can inform us to know more about what’s going on in our society.

International Education Week (IEW) by BUBW is one way to improve the quality of education.  I am interested in this program because here we are able to share ideas to improve education in the future. IEW by BUBW helps the development of education because it seeks to facilitate the best quality of education by relating differences in educational background. Here are the benefits achieved through IEW program.

11)    Creating great thinkers.
22)    Sharing of creative ideas in the field of education.
33)    Knowing more about education in the world.
44)    Learning about the relationship of technology and education.
55)    Nurturing a passion for education.

The advantage of foreign exchange is that what we have achieved can be applied in society, making the educational goals come true. One way to make goals happen is to build organization to support for  education. We can share what we have learned at the end of our program with our home countries. So, as YES alumni, we become people who make better changes through education. Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." This is the direction for future education. Change the world to make a better place with education. To achieve these educational goals, we must become thinkers. 

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