Sunday, April 7, 2013

Model United Nation

Here we go,  meet again buddy, although in the virtual world. How's your life? I hope it doing well, not sucks to much. In this period, I will share about experience join  Model United Nation. It's good idea to know what is it Model united Nation. Are you agree with that? I hope so Dude. Are you ready? Let's check this out.

Model United is a simulation as delegate to represent country ambassador to solve world issue. It's so fascinating, challenging, and experiences. Good stuff going on and absolutely have fun, discuss controversial issue, politic, human right, education, and international relationship.  Actually, I work on Security Council which is focusing material related about security around the world. We talk about  relationship Palestine between Israel, and  also work on Syria latest issue.

The journey not done yet lads, green light just turn on and time to created experiences.  We are be able attend meeting in Courthouse New Mexico, places in Santa Fe, north from Albuquerque. The meeting purpose itself to knowing how United Nation work in real situation. We went there and stay in small lodging to save few bucks, get free breakfast, attend meeting, lunch at subway, hang around, pizza dinner, and party. Moment going so fast, and we knew this come, the last day in Santa Fe, we hang around in famous places, Old town. I also attach the photo in the last report this experiences.

Anyway, this moment stay forever in my journey. Thanks to read this story. Have great week. :)

A. 1st Day, let's fun.

Small lodge
Proud to be Azerbaijan Delegate
Attend the meeting, which is five hundred student involved
Model United Nation President lead the discussion
Hang around
Party just started

B. 2nd Day, full of session and caucus meeting. 

Courthouse Hall
Coffe time

C. 3rd Day - Explore Santa Fe, historical city. 

Plaza in Old Town, Santa Fe
Original Trading Post

Old Town

Historical Building

Historical Building
Leaving Santa Fe
Miss the train
Time to go
Scene of view

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